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The best investment plan

After 64 Hours
  1. Minimum Invest : $100
  2. Maximam Invest : $2,000
After 96 Hours
  1. Minimum Invest : $1,000
  2. Maximam Invest : $5,000
After 120 Hours
  1. Minimum Invest : $5,000
  2. Maximam Invest : $50,000

Why choose investment plan

High Interest Return

Enjoy high daily interest rates with well-diversified intelligent portfolios that generates secure revenue.

Secure investment

You can withdraw your initial capital at any time after 24 hours. You do not have to wait until the end of the deposit period.

Digital exchange

The cryptocurrency exchange market is still relatively new and has a huge earning potential for smart and experienced investors.

Instant withdrawal

Withdrawal requests are instantly entered into the automated processing queue. Waiting is minimized.

Data security

We share the data generally available from those encrypted. Everything is stored on two independent secured, dedicated servers.

Live customer support

Our support will gladly answer all your questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are available on LiveChat and via e-mail.

The mastermind idea, founder, and chief executive officer of “Foriox”. Alex Ferneld is responsible for running all facets of Foriox business including making corporate strategic decisions and managing company’s resources. Prior to joining Foriox, Ferneld is a stock and Forex trader with a massive experience in analyzing financial markets, and managing investments on individual basis with market and technical analysis.

Alex ferneld, CEO

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Level 01 instant 5% commission


Level 02 instant 3% commission


Level 03 instant 2% commission

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